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As a teacher, friend, woman and student I have been through and watch others go through struggles creating a life where we feel alive. We think we’re doing all the right things but end up confused and frustrated when things stay the same.

When we work together, you learn the tools to optimize health for you and your family. Shifts we aim to work for include:

*Decrease in risk factor for developing chronic diseases
*Ease in grocery shopping and menu planning
*Confidence in cooking
*Better tasting food
*Feeding you and your family intelligently while staying on budget
*Overall increase in energy and productivity
*Clearer skin
*Body finding a healthy weight, naturally
*Improved sleep
*Whiter teeth
*Increase in flexibility, strength and stamina
*Regulated digestion
*Less fatigue after eating
*Sweeter smelling breath and sweat
*Healthier looking hair
*Stronger nails

All programs are completely custom to best fit your needs. After the initial consultation, grocery store tours, meal planning and cooking in the kitchen are all fair game! 

Sessions with Chelsie are $75/ hour or 5 hours for $325.00.
Customized nutrition & meal plans available for $50.00 and must be combined with at least one 1 on 1 health consultation.
*Private yoga lessons & health coaching sessions can be combined*

To set up your appointment today, email

jesi2“Working with Chelsie I realized that living and eating healthier began with one word…’inclusion’. Starting small and adding healthier foods and habits one at a time. Slowly, the ‘bad’ stuff starts to get replaced by the good stuff and because of Chelsie’s philosophy it is easier for me to maintain my weight, get active for myself & with my family. With her simple approach, cooking and food became fun. Thank you, Chelsie!”

~Jesi, Exceptional Student Education Teacher

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