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A dedicated student and authentic teacher, Chelsie’s teaching style has been heavily influenced by the Ashtanga tradition as well as many other teachers including, but not limited to, Bryan Kest, David Regelin, Tiffany Cruikshank, Tymi Howard, Alexis Martin, MyLinda Morales, Desiree Rumbaugh & Dharma Mitra. She’s traveled the US studying with some of the nation’s most respected teachers, is an Ambassador for lululemon athletica, and most recently presented at Wanderlust Festival – Austin, TX. She teaches a powerful class focused around strength, alignment & accessing grace. Strong yet soft, open while grounded. She has a no nonsense & practical approach, keeping things fun, accessible, relevant and sustainable for a lifetime all while honoring the traditions of yoga. Her weekly teaching schedule is listed below – currently classes are held at Altamonte Springs Yoga, Orlando Power Yoga – Downtown Location & The Yoga Shala in Winter Park.

The key to developing a healthy body is to encourage it to be in a constant state of regeneration. The body only regenerates if it is given a reason and the best reason comes in the form of regular exercise. Move your body every day. Whatever it is that lights you up – running, cycling, dancing, etc. – do it! And… do yoga too.

Yoga isn’t about touching your toes. It’s about what you learn in the process. So much of what we do in our lives limits our range of motion… practicing yoga un-does it. We use the practice to build our bodies back up so they don’t become self-limiting and we can continue to do all those other activities that we love. It’s an incredibly smart and efficient way of caring for the entire body, inside & out.

Another reason why it’s recommended to practice yoga is because it makes you pay attention to your breath and your mind. Our mind is wild, and it never stops! When we breathe and move in unison we create space to observe how self-limiting and frequent our thoughts actually are. Once we’ve acknowledged them, we then have an opportunity to not let them limit us. As the mind begins to soften, the heart and the body open up too. You don’t have to effort or force… just show up and do the practice and all else will follow.



Private lessons are a great way for the beginner yogi to learn the fundamentals of the practice, the injured yogi to heal the body & the curious yogi to depend their practice.

Private & groups lessons are available for $75/hour or 5, 1 hour sessions for $325.00.



***If interested in meditation, From Here Zen meditation group meets out of my home and is led by my husband, Jamie. Daily sits, weekly classes & retreat information can be found on their website.***

deana“After my first class with Chelsie I was immediately hooked! Chelsie’s queuing is so descriptive and alignment based that when you move in that direction you actually feel your body engage and change. The flows she presents in her classes are unique and well rounded. I have been to A LOT of Chelsie’s classes and have never done the same flow twice; granted she does the typical yoga poses but the way she lays them out keep the mind and body guessing making me a stronger and more focused yogi. I learn something new every time I attend one of her classes!” ~ Deana, Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)

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